What is a root canal?

What Is Root Canal At Webb Dentistry, we believe that the more our patients know about oral health, oral hygiene, and dental treatment options the better they can care for their teeth and gums. In the Patient Education section of our website, we offer answers to a variety of patient questions in the menu at

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What is a bridge?

What is a bridge? A bridge, or fixed partial denture, is a way to replace missing teeth that does not come in and out of the patient’s mouth. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are prepared as if for a crown, and then a single lab-made unit with the missing tooth can be cemented

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How do I floss?

How do I floss? Flossing is a part of a daily dental health routine. And the benefits may not be as extensive as was once thought, flossing does a lot for your general mouth health. and here are some reasons why flossing is so important: Bleeding Gums Prevention – And in case you didn’t notice

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